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March 30th, 2015 Posted in Announcements By: thimphu_fd

The Regional Office, DoR, Thimphu would like to issue the Corrigendum on the work “Base Course, Bitumen Sealing & L-Drain on Khasadrapchu-Bjemina SNH”.

1.  Bill of Quantities, SH: L-Drain,  in Serial No. 9;  SM0005;  P&L RRM with hard stone in foundation and plinth in CM 1:4, the unit should be read as cu.m instead of mtr.

2. The date of submission is extended to 7th April, 2015 at 2:00 PM and open on the same date of submission at 2:30 PM. Rest remain unchanged.

Inconvenience cause is highly regretted.

Training Approved in 3rd HRC 2015

March 30th, 2015 Posted in Training Information By: hrmd_mowhs

The 3rd HRC Meeting held on 27 March 2015 has approved the attached training programme. The individual officials whose trainings has been approved are required to submit following documents to the HRD of the Ministry with immediate effect.  For details click here

1. Training Application Form (if applicable)

2. In-service Training Form

3. Security Clearance

4. Audit Clearance

5. Medical Certificate

6. Citizenship Identity Card Copy

For further information contact HRD, MoWHS

Notification of award(Supply and Delivery of Server)

March 30th, 2015 Posted in Tender Awards Notification By: procurement officer

This is to notify all our prospective bidders that the tender for supply & delivery of Server  NIT No. MoWHS/Pro-Sect/16/2014-2015/281 dated 27/03/2015 had been awarded the the lowest evaluated bidder M/s Yang Khor IT Solution, Norling Gangkha Building,Rabten Lam,Changgangkha,Thmphu. For detail please click the link below.

Notification of award

Therefore, we also thanks all other bidders for your participation in our bidding process and looking forward for same in near future. With this we are requested to collect your bid security from the office of Procurement Section during office hours.

Administration & Finance Division

Advertisement of Tender

March 30th, 2015 Posted in Tender Notifications By: Trongsa_fd

Regional Office, DoR, Trongsa invites sealed bids from eligible Bhutanese Large category Contractors registered with CDB for carrying out Widening for double lanning works from Chuserbu to Trongsa Primary National Highway (Part of Northern East West Highway Project). Please note that the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS & DETAIL DRAWINGS i.e. Sl. No. 8 & 9 are common for all packages. As such, each bid should be accompanied by the aforementioned documents when submitting.

Bidding documents and the IFB can be downloaded from the following given links:

1. IFB NEWH Chuserbu-Trongsa

2. SBD NEWH Package 1

3. SBD NEWH Package 2

4. SBD NEWH Package 3

5. SBD NEWH Package 4

6. SBD NEWH Package 5

7. SBD NEWH Package 6

8. Technical Specifications for roadworks

9. Detail-Drawings