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  1. Letter of Intent/Contract Award Notice for Improvement of Road from YHS- Semtokha Mani Dungkhar: Thimphu Road Improvement Project, BHU (G0499)
  2. Invitation For Bids (IFB) for improvement of Road from YHS- Simtokha: Package No TT/TRIP/002
  3. Expression of Interest (EOI) for recruitment of Hygiene Awareness Consultant: Urban Infrastructure Project, BHU-2816
  4. Notification of Contract Award : Urban Project, BHU-2816
  5. Invitation For Bid ( IFB) for Thimphu Road Improvement Project ( TRIP)
  6. Result of First Stage Bidding Process for Construction of 12 MLD WWTP at Babesa- Urban Project, BHU-2816
  7. Notification of Contract Award for Construction of 2.5 MLD WTP and Water Supply Works in Samdrup Jonkghar Thromde
  8. Invitation for Technical Proposals – Rebidding: Urban Project, BHU-2816
  9. Contract Award Notice: Construction of 46m PC Girder Bridge and Approach Road: Urban Project( BHU-2816)
  10. Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant ( WWTP –DBOT ) : Urban Project, BHU-2816.
  11. Addendum No 2: Urban Project, BHU-2816
  12. Time Extension for submission of Bid
  13. SBD for 46 m PC Girder Bridge and Approach Road
  14. Re-tendering of Contract for Construction of Approach Road and Bridge in Phuntsholing Thromde
  15. Addendum 1&2: Construction of Approach Road and PC Bridge ( BHU-2816)
  16. Addendum 1: Pre-bid meeting for WWTP ( Urban Project, BHU-2816)
  17. IFB for Construction of Approach Road and Bridge
  18. IFB for WWTP ( DBoT)
  19. Consultant Recruitment Result
  20. Result of Consultant Selection ( DMSC) : 2816 – BHU
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