Annual Performance Agreement for 2017-18 FY signed

The 2017-18 FY Annual Performance Agreement was signed today between the prime minister and our minister in Royal Banquet Hall. Unlike in the past, the Annual Performance Agreement between the minister and the secretary, and the secretary with the departments and divisions (divisions under the secretariat) were also signed in the presence of the

prime minister.

The ministry’s major activities in the 2017-18 FY are to complete: the upgradation of the Northern East West Highway (137 km pavement works); blacktopping of about 440 km of the Gewog Center Roads; resurfacing of 60 km of national highways; construction of 25 bridges of which construction of 12 bridges is to be initiated; completion of about 90 per cent of Bumpagang ICP and 50 per cent of Rinchending ICP; preparation of 6 Local Area Plans and 8 studies; and enhancing quality of procurement system in the ministry.

In his address hon’ble prime minister acknowledged the ministry’s hard work and dedication in fulfilling our mandates and service to TSA-WA-SUM. He made specific emphasis on the sacrifices our engineers make to ensure that people are least affected during the times of disaster (excerpts of prime minister’s address will be uploaded soon).

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Updated: August 8, 2017 — 10:06 am
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