Planning Division

This division is mandated to
a. Prepare, review and compile FY Plans of the department.
b. Prepare periodic review reports on – Quarterly, Annually and Mid Term.
c. Conduct researches on road and bridge technology to implement in planning, design, and construction and maintenance stages.
d. Plan and Program the HR activities of the department.
e. Review and provide technical guidance to the regional offices on findings from research works.
f. Monitor progress of the planned activities on timely basis.
g. Networking with other agencies.
h. Formulate plans and programs for in-house human resource development in the field of tunnel engineering;

This division has following sections with set of mandates
1.Planning Section
a. Coordinate the preparation and finalization of FY plans in consultation with regional offices and other stakeholders.
b. Compile, review and submit periodic review reports to concern agencies.
c. Prepare preliminary project proposals for roads and bridges for review and submission to donor agencies.
d. Review of Road Sector Master Plan on time to time basis.
e. Carry out EIA for new road alignments, improvement and widening works, and bridge constructions.
f. Process for clearances for new constructions from relevant agencies
(Social, Forest, Dzongkhag, Environment etc)
g. Coordinate and support for acquisition of land and private properties in consultation with relevant agencies.

2.Monitoring Section
a. Review work plans;
b. Monitor the implementation of planned works on regular basis;
c. Report and provide feedbacks on the shortcomings on execution of work plans;

3. Research Section
a. Carryout research works to improve quality, reduce cost and enhance methods of road and bridge construction and maintenance relevant to Bhutan;
a. Review EFRC techniques on cost effectiveness and rationalize its implementation based on country’s socio-economic status;
b. Review coefficients for road and bridge work activities;
c. Explore rational method for fixing project duration;
d. Study and recommend the most suitable equipment and machinery for road works;
e. Prepare standards for road and bridge works in collaboration with design division.

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