Regional Offices

These offices are mandated to
a. Oversee routine, periodic and emergency maintenance of roads and bridges;
b. Review field data, annual budget proposal and annual work plan for maintenance and construction activities;
c. Review drawings and estimates;
d. Issue administrative approval, financial and technical sanctions;
e. Review rate analysis and quantity surveying for various maintenance and construction activities;
f. Review and prepare contract document, invite and evaluate bids and process for award of works;
g. Conduct field level tender committee meetings;
h. Oversee the overall contract and project management;
i. Supervise and monitor progress of works and ensure quality;
j. Certify and verify bills for payments;
k. Monitor and report conditions of roads on daily basis during monsoon season and snowfall wherever applicable;
l. Review and jointly verify site for access road take-off point, quarry etc. and process for approval in line with the provisions of the Road Act;
m. Control illegal construction within road right of way as per the provisions of the Road Act;
n. Disseminate the provisions of the Road Act and its rules and regulations to various stakeholders ;
o. Maintain and submit road inventory;
p. Review and submit progress, labour, explosive and other reports submitted by the field offices;
q. Liaise with other agencies on issues concerning road sector;

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