Notification of Award

The Regional Office, DOR, Lobeysa informs all prospective bidders that the contract for Hiring of Machineries/Equipment, Supply of Road Construction Materials & Supply of Office Stationaries for FY 2017-2018 has been awarded as follow:-

A. Hiring of Machineries/Equipment
1. M/s CDCL, Wangdue:Click Here
2. M/s R.L Hiring, Thimphu: Click Here
3. M/s KT Car Rental, Thimphu: Click Here
4. M/s Daina Pvt. Ltd., Thimphu:Click Here
5. M/s Druk Namgay Hiring, Thimphu:Click Here
6. M/s Phuktanglung Hiring, Thimphu: Click Here
7. M/s Yardak Hiring, Thimphu: Click Here
8. M/s Tenzin Hiring, Thimphu:Click Here
9. M/s Dungkar Hiring, Thimphu:Click Here

B. Supply of Road Construction Materials
1. M/s Rin-Tsho Supplier, Thimphu: Click Here
2. M/s TYT Suppliers, Wangdue: Click Here
3. M/s Chador T Suppliers, Khuruthang: Click Here

C. Supply of Office Stationaries
1. M/s Karma Office Supply, Thimphu: Click Here
2. M/s Galaxy Enterprise, Lobeysa: Click Here

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Updated: July 16, 2017 — 12:44 pm
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