LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE(Construction of Bridges along NEWH (Trongsa – Nangar PNH) – Package 01: Bong Zam, Gaytsa Zam and Domkhar Zam)

Regional Office, DOR Trongsa would like to notify you(LAMNEKHA CONSTRUCTION PVT. LTD., BJABCHO, CHHUKHA, BHUTAN. CDB: 1435) that your Bid for the execution of the Works for “”Construction of Bridges along NEWH (Trongsa – Nangar PNH) – Package 01: BongZam, GaytsaZam and DomkharZam”, Bid Reference No. “DoR/RO (Trongsa)/2019-2020/10” for the Contract Price of the equivalent […]

Notice Inviting Tender

The Regional Office, DoR, Lobeysa invites bids via e-GP system from eligible and qualified National bidders for the following Annual Framework Contract for the Financial Year 2020-2021: 1. Supplying of Office Stationery (Tender ID: 4962) 2. Supplying of Hardware and Electrical items (Tender ID: 4993) 3. Supplying of Local Construction Materials (Tender ID: 5054) 4. […]


The Regional Office, DoR, Sarpang invites bids from Eligible and Qualified Bidders for the following Frame Work Contracts for the Financial Year 2020-2021. 1. Hiring of Vehicle and Machinery (Tender ID: 5032) 2. Supplying of Hardware, Electrical and Plumbing items. (Tender ID: 4476) 3. SUPPLYING OF OFFICE STATIONERIES. (Tender ID: 4478) 4. Supply of Local […]

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