Addendum No 1 for Improvement of Bjena Khotokha Road Package I

Construction Divison, DoR, Thimphu would like to amend the following;

  1. ITB Clause 40.1 & GCC Clause 51.1 (Mobilization Advance Payment)

For the Invitation Reference No. Tender:DoR/CD/28/2021-2022/055, Improvement of Bjena-Khotokha Road  Package  I from  Tekizam to Tashila (Ch 0.00-Ch15.00=15.00 km)

The error is corrected in ITB Clause 40.1 & in SCC, GCC Clause 51.1.

Therefore, the prospective bidders are requested to take note of the addendum and they will form part of the bidding document.

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