Training Information

Re-announcement of Nehru-Wangchuck Scholarship for 2017-18 intake

This is in reference to RCSC’s announcement no. RCSC/HRD-14.3/2016/1818 dated 7th December 2016 regarding the announcement of the availability of 5 slots for various Masters Courses under Nehru-Wangchuck Scholarship for 2017-18 intake. The RCSC would further like to inform all that the application deadline for the following Masters Courses has been extended till 23rd January 2017: M […]

Training Approval

The 12th HRC Meeting held on 29 January 2016 has approved the attached training programme. The individual officials whose training has been approved are required to submit following documents to the HRD of the Ministry with immediate effect.  For details click here 1. Training Application Form (if applicable) 2. In-service Training Form 3. Security Clearance 4. […]

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