Engineering Adaptation & Risk Reduction Division

The vision of the Division is to create and promote a safe, high quality and sustainable human settlement. The Division is the focal agency under the Ministry which is responsible for development and institution of appropriate construction technology for sustainable constructions, disaster resilient constructions through risk reduction measures and high quality constructions through practical assurance plans.


•Institutionalize internationally accepted principles, guidelines, mechanisms and methodologies viable to our context to enhance technology, risk reductions and quality improvement in constructions.
•Develop or Technology transfer of appropriate/innovative construction technology for sustainable construction.
•To develop research oriented disaster risk resilient construction methodologies (guidelines and manuals)
•Ensure technology adaptations and risk reduction measures sensitive to our indigenous knowledge and tradition systems.
•Capacity development of engineers and technicians/artisans on appropriate technology, risk reduction methodologies and quality assurance in construction.
•To promote high quality construction through adoption of appropriate standards and quality assurance plans and related mechanism.
•To promote development and utilization of local construction materials by facilitating domestic construction industries.

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