Design Division

This division is mandated to

  1. Preparation of annual work plan;
  2. Coordination and preparation of APA and is the ministry focal point for APA related issues of the department;
  3. Compilation and submission of progress reports;
  4. Compile, update and publish road inventory;
  5. Classification and declaration of types of roads as and when required;
  6. Preparation of five-year plans and budget allocation;
  7. Plan and process budget for design activities.
  8. Carryout feasibility studies by way of desktop studies using maps, aerial photographs, etc and ground reconnaissance surveys;
  9. Carryout detailed topographical survey of road alignments;
  10. Prepare road geometric designs and drawings for different road categories;
  11. Impart survey training to the Regional/field surveyors on the latest surveying methods;
  12. Carryout data collection necessary for road pavement designs;
  13. Carryout design verification and incorporate changes wherever required;
  14. Prepare cost estimates and bill of quantities;
  15. Prepare design guidelines and manual.
  16. Carryout sub-soil investigation for roads and bridges;
  17. Assist and complement in the feasibility studies for roads and bridges;
  18. Carryout detailed studies on unstable sections of roads and highways;
  19. Carryout prefeasibility studies for road tunnels;
  20. Carryout field and laboratory tests related to geotechnical;
  21. Liaise with the relevant agencies of RGoB like the Department of Geology and Mines in carrying out the feasibility studies;
  22. Designing of a pavement structure both flexible and rigid pavements;
  23. Advice ROs with regard to pavement related issues in terms of design, materials, mixture, etc;
  24. Provide technical support to Regional Offices and other agencies;
  25. Venture into new technologies;
  26. Prepare cost estimates and bill of quantities of pavement structures.
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