Vision & Mission

“A Professional and Regulatory Organization Competent and Committed to enabling Provision of Road Infrastructure that is Adequate, Efficient, Reliable and Safe”.

• up-gradation of all the national highways forming the North-south and East-West national highway grid to the desired specifications and quality to carry loads up to 30 tons;
• Complete construction of the South East West Highway to enhance connectivity within and outside the country;
• Completion & Maintenance of Inter-Dzongkhag Connectivity roads;
• Construct and Maintain Dzongkhag roads to desired level of Serviceability;
• Shorten the highways to reduce Travel Time & Vehicle Operating Costs;
• Ensure that more than 85 percent of the population lives within half a day’s walk from nearest motor-able road by 2020;
• Professionalize the skills of employees through a Continuous Process of Capacity Building;
• Introduce appropriate technologies and Mechanisms to improve Construction / Maintenance Methodologies and Quality;
• Ensure / Enable Private Sector Development – as this is the Key to participation by private sector for Socio-Economic Success.
• Continue EFRC and climate resilient techniques in roads construction.

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