Vision & Mission

A dynamic organization constructing and maintaining safe, reliable and excellent network of climate-resilient road infrastructure.

1. To complete construction of all national highways: North East-West, South East-West, North-South, and inter-Dzongkhag roads, as per the Road Sector Master Plan 2027 to the national standards and specifications, to carry loads up to 30 MT;
2. To enhance the load carrying capacity of bridges on highways and hydropower roads to 70 MT and on other roads to 40 MT.
3. To maintain and ensure safe and reliable road network through development and use of robust asset management system and innovative road maintenance techniques that is sustainable, economical and environment friendly.
4. To shorten all feasible national highways to reduce travel time and vehicle operating costs;
5. To upgrade all Dzongkhag Roads within the purview of the Department to national level of standards and serviceability;
6. To continuously upgrade and adopt green and climate-resilient techniques and technologies in the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure;
7. To build a highly-competent, professional and dedicated group of road engineers and technicians recognizing the potential of every member’s contribution towards the common vision.
8. To encourage, support and work in close cooperation with the private sector recognizing their critical role in generating employment and complementing government’s effort in nation building. Different modalities of partnership will be explored and adopted.
9. As a regulatory body, to provide firm, fair and efficient services to all public and individuals.

1. As an implementer of huge government resources, honesty and integrity shall be our guiding principle;
2. To cultivate technical competence and uncompromising professionalism;
3. To provide services from the heart;
4. To strive for continuous self- and organizational- development;
5. To foster solidarity and comradeship amongst all members of DoR family.

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