LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE(Resurfacing works on Nangar_Jakar SNH & Lamey Goenpa DR)

CDB 1965

This is to notify you that your Bid dated 29-Sep-2020 for the execution of the Works for Resurfacing works on Nangar_Jakar SNH & Lamey Goenpa DR for the Contract Price of the equivalent of Nu. 17,805,077.500 (Ngultrum SEVENTEEN MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED FIVE THOUSAND SEVENTY-SEVEN POINT FIVE) in BTN, as corrected and modified in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders is hereby accepted by our Agency.

You are hereby instructed to:

(a) confirm your acceptance of this Letter of Acceptance by signing and dating both copies of it, and returning one copy to us no later than FIVE (5) days (on or before 2nd Nov 2020) from the date hereof; and,

(b) submit the Performance Security amounting to Nu 1,780,507.75 pursuant to BDS ITB Sub-Clause 39.1, i.e., within FIVE (5) days after receipt of this Letter of Acceptance, and pursuant to SCC GCC Sub-Clause 52.1. The validity of the Performance Security should cover the DEFECT LIABILITY PERIOD in pursuant to GCC 52.1 of SCC.

(c) Mobilization advance of 10% of contract price in the form of unconditional bank guarantee valid up to contract duration as per GCC 51.1 can be submitted if required.

(d) CEO(Proprietor) OR authorized representative to personally visit this office to sign the contract agreement on or before 5th day after issuance of this Letter of Acceptance i.e on 2nd Nov 2020 without fail.

(e) to submit a commitment letter of deployment of all required equipment and key personnel as per the BDS additional ITB Clause 37.3.

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Updated: October 27, 2020 — 10:27 am
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