Notice Inviting Tender,Project Dantak

a. Surfacing works between km 0.00 to km 1.752 on approach road for construction of 200 feet TDRBB(Temporary) of 30R capacity over Wangchu River at km 1.275 on Damchu-Haa link road

b. Surfacing works between km 53.000 to km 58.000 on confluence -Haa road under Project Dantak inside Bhutan(Third Call)

c. Resurf works between km 143.00 to km 151.00 on Daranga-Trashigang road under Project Dantak inside Bhutan(Fifth Call)

d, Surfacing works between km 33.000 to km 36.000 on confluence -Haa Road under Project Dantak inside Bhutan

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