Press Release-Construction Industry Road Map

With increasing urbanization and rapid socio-economic development. The construction industry is experiencing unprecedented growth; however, Bhutan has not been able to capitalize this very opportune moment.

In the recent audience by His Majesty to the Ministry, it was directed that Ministry should come up with the Construction Industry Road Map.  

Accordingly, the Ministry has formed a taskforce to develop the road map.  To kickstart this important assignment, the current scenario of the country was felt of, utmost importance, therefore data collection from 20 dzongkhag and 4 thromdes commenced and the following information’s are collected:

  1. Baseline data on the buildings to understand typology, material, cost, time and construction technologies and related aspects of human settlements.
  2. Baseline data on industries to also understand how the existing industries can complement and supplement the construction industries in terms of capacity, products, number, location and possible mechanization efforts.
  3. Research on possible technology on timber construction, pre engineered buildings, size, cost and types, tool and mechanization options and alternative material that can enhance wellbeing of the dweller and time of construction.
  4. Review the curriculum of the College of Science& Technology in line with the standards of regional and international universities.

 The responsibility of collecting the data is spearheaded by the Department of Human Settlement and the datas were collected using our own Zhichar App.                                        

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