Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) in Emergencies-Bhutan 

National Public Toilet Guidelines:

  1. National Public Toilet Guideline


Septic System Manual:

The ‘Septic System Manual’ was developed by the Urban Infrastructure Service Division (UISD), Department of Engineering Services (DES) under the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS) with technical assistance from SNV as part of the Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene Programme in small towns.The manual was developed with the objective of providing guidance to authorities at various levels (district and municipal engineers, building inspectors) on technical know-how during the design, construction, operation and maintenance of septic systems. In addition, other communication materials such as leaflets and posters were developed targeting householders/building owners to help understand operation & maintenance of septic systems, including de-sludging of the septic tanks. The septic system manual, leaflet and poster was developed and tested based on learning from the small towns at Chukha Dzongkhag and Thimphu Thromdey. For more details, please download using the following link: (Please note: some of the files are larger then 10mb in size and it will take time to download it. please be patience with the speed of the download.)

  1. Septic System Manual
  2. Leaflet without Thimphu Thromdey
  3. Leaflet with Thimphu Thromdey
  4. Poster Dzongkha
  5. Poster English
  6. Poster Dzongkha with Thimphu Thromdey
  7. Poster English with Thimphu Thromdey

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