Technical Corporation Project (TCP) for Capacity Development in Construction and Maintenance of Bridges known as CAMBRIDGE

The CAMBRIDGE TCP in Department of Roads (DoR) was started in October 2016 for the initial period of three years. However, with some unavoidable circumstances in between the project had to be extended by 6 months and intended to complete in April 2020. But again, with outbreak of COVID 19, the project period was further deferred by two years until April 30th, 2022. With conduction of 7th and final Joint Coordination Meeting (JCC) between JICA and DoR on April 14th, 2022, the project has officially closed. 

The overall goal of the project was “Enhancement of Bridge Construction and Maintenance Competency of DoR”. The project covered from basic planning and designing to construction and to maintenance of bridges.

In the 7th and final JCC meeting, the main goals of the project were achieved with fulfilment of different outputs. The outputs and overall goal of the project were achieved by conducting numerous activities in the form of seminars, workshops, on the job training (OJT) on bridge construction and maintenance and training in Japan. Through the project, various technical manuals were developed such as inspection & diagnosis manual and repair & strengthening of bridges. Moreover, guidelines for field checklist for quality control and safety control for bridge construction were also developed. The important output of the project was the development of Bridge Management System (BMS) for the Department. The BMS can maintain up to date inventory of bridges built and maintained by Department, keep the record of field inspection data of bridges and provide ratings on each bridge based on this inspection data feed in the system. According to the ratings of bridges in the system, priority can be set to each bridge so that the most deteriorated/critical bridges are repaired first. The budget forecast to carry out maintenance will be provided by BMS with the help of unit cost that we feed in the system for different type of repair and maintenance works. With this we can execute bridge maintenance work professionally in timely manner with required budget. There also are equipment which were used during the training and then handed over to Department in ROs and HQ, DoR.

Now with project being completed, many officials under Department are equipped with additional knowledge and experience gained in the field of bridge construction and maintenance. Therefore, officials will have to utilize knowledge and experience gained technical manuals and guidelines for field checklist developed and also equipment provided in daily activities of the Department. Moreover, Regional Offices should continuously feed the BMS with required data in timely manner so that system can function efficiently and that we can take appropriate actions.   

The Department of Roads and Ministry would like to thank JICA HQ, JICA Bhutan Office, Government and People of Japan for funding this project and on its successful completion. The Department also would like to thank all the Japanese experts involved in this project for support. Further, Department would like to thank all other involved from GNHC, Chief Engineers from ROs and DoR HQ and focal person for this project from all ROs.  

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